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Blackpool Stag Adventures

stag weekends blackpool pleasure beach

stag weekends blackpool pleasure beach

Blackpool was once a sleepy little town but now it is fast becoming one of the best stag weekends locations to visit in the UK.

For the following reasons, I like to call Blackpool the seaside stag party capital of the North!

There are loads of bars and clubs on offer, the Counting House is one of those top bars offering a vast range of beers and wines to tempt any stag drinker.

Flares and Klub DNA are well recognised and hip clubs in the centre of Blackpool offering dance and 80’s music. You certainly will be lost with excitement in these clubs as music, drink and women are guaranteeing even the most sceptical stag an amazing stag weekend.

Blackpool is famous for its Pleasure Beach and its unique seaside atmosphere. Fast rides, bumper carts, ‘The big one’ and of course Donkeys are all available to those who want to grab the moment. However, we would not recommend riding a Donkey after a night out…it could get messy.

What ever you want from Blackpool…..Blackpool stag weekends will deliver!


Stag Weekends – Newcastle is an outstanding stag do location

Newcastle stag weekends go down in the record books in the fun stakes and when you look at the brilliantly buzzing nightlife and delightful selection of activities to be pick from, it is not hard to see why so many choose Newcastle for their stag night location.

Stag parties in this Geordie filled city offer some of the most action packed in the UK. Newcastle is an extremely welcoming city and one that is ideal for stag groups because all the best bars have the good grace to be in fairly close proximity to one another, which makes it to keep track of the increasingly unaware members of your stag party. Newcastle will ensure that the stag’s last few hours of freedom are fun filled and adrenaline soaked; everything you can ask for from a stag do.

If anyone knows how to have a good night, it’s the Geordies and this is something that can be witnessed firsthand by those who travel to Newcastle for their stag weekend. Newcastle nightlife tends to revolve around the Quayside area of the city which has more than its fair share of watering holes and nightclubs for you to enjoy on your stag weekend. Newcastle has begun to attract legendary status for its nightlife and stag do’s from all over the country flock to this Mecca of stag party activity. A stag do in Newcastle is likely to be epically entertaining from first minute to last and this is something that makes the city one of the top venues for a stag weekend.

Xmas Stag Weekends in Birmingham

It’s Christmas!!! and the stag carries on.

Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city and is situated right in the centre of England. Birmingham is one of Britain’s most visited cities and welcomes stag parties all year long – including over the xmas period.
For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Birmingham has lots to offer with 2,400 acres of natural beauty, woodlands, heaths, wetland and pools attracting many species of wildlife.
Chocoholics will love to visit Cadbury World in Birmingham/Bournville, however we would recommend you do this before drinking!

Birmingham also has the National Sea Life Centre, the UK’s largest inland Sea Life Centre.

The NEC is also in Birmingham hosting world class events all year round.
Birmingham’s night life is diverse and vibrant. There are loads of clubs including Miss Moneypenny’s where you can dance the night away, all welcome stag parties celebrating their stag night.

Birmingham stag weekends have the choice of many specialist restaurants in the city centre offering food from countries around the world to simple good food in old fashioned English pubs. Birmingham’s China Town has a choice of restaurants including the “Balti Mile” which is a short distance from the city centre, where there are over 40 curry houses within one square mile.