Prince William Stag Party

There is a possibility that Prince William may return  to South Africa for a stag party before his royal wedding to Kate Middleton.

It has been reported in many large papers that prince william’s brother Prince Harry and their friends were today reported to be considering Africa’s Cape Town as a possible stag location.

William and Harry were in South Africa in 2010 on their joint royal duties  – watching the World Cup. Unfortunately it did not help with England failing to secure the bid for the 2018. However whilst there they had the opportunity to promote their charity work in southern Africa.

It was reported that the royal brothers motorcycled across South Africa in 2008 in a charity ride. Both royals have spoken of their love for this very special continent.

Today a national paper suggested that William’s willingness to help his friend with a broken relationship could lead to a stag party in Cape Town.



Stag party in birmingham

A stag party in birmingham may be the most exciting weekend of one’s life. Birmingham is full of journey and pleasurable, using a small naughtiness thrown in for good measurebournemouth stag London, Birmingham may be the United Kingdom’s most populated loctions, and as this kind of, ensures non-stop leisure.

Birmingham is now an amazingly diverse location which benefits from a variety of daytime and nightlife options.There are many places to go to whilst having your stag weekend in Birminghm. There is a chocolate factory, world class nightclubs, amazing bars and one, two, three premiership football teams – wow.

For experience karters lovers, there are many karting possibilities, indoor and outside tracks, quad bikes, buggy racing, and grand prix driving. The much more sporty groups could opt for an afternoon of 5-a-side football, or maybe a few hours of paintball or clay shooting.

Many a stag weekend begins with aa evening in the track, betting around the greyhounds. Maybe later you might would like to catch a comedy present, or get pleasure from a nice dinner. The culinary range in Birmingham is beaten by no other location in the UK. You are able to opt for a variety dishes from virtually any nation on the earth. Birmingham is known for being the curry capital of Britain.

Stag Night Newcastle

A Newcastle stag weekend has to be one of the most loved locations in the whole of the UK. Football,  St. James Park, River Tyne and of course the Angel of the North to name but a few famous entities.

Newcastle is no stranger to stag weekends and is in fact one of the most popular stag night locations in the UK. Newcastle is a vibrant and cultural city and is so popular amongst stag parties that it has become without doubt the top nightlife location of the north. Newcastle nightlife is crazy, wonderful and exciting and around every corner you will find just one more thing that will add to your legendary night.

Newcastle stag parties provide an exhaustive supply of modern and traditional pubs with top knotch nightclubs which are  usually only metres away from where ever you are situated within the centre of the city

The stunning quayside is a perfect location to get the night started. Situated on the waterfront, the quayside encompasses some of the cities liveliest bars and has a selection of incredible restaurants.

Fantastic activities can also be found throughout the town, which can make a stag weekend in Newcastle an experience any stag would like to remember.

Brighton Stag Party – London’s seaside

Brighton stag ideas

Brighton stag ideas

If you are looking for the excitement of London but want the sea air of Bournemouth then look no further than Brighton.

With its cosmopolitan nature, oodles of restaurants, hotels, accommodation, guest houses, self- catering, bed and breakfast and B&Bs, lively nightlife and abundance of culture for visitors and locals, the place defies comparison with anywhere else this side of the English Channel.

For centuries travellers to Brighton have regarded it as the ‘pleasure dome’, and that is unlikely to change in the near future. Brighton is full of life and can rival any stag venue in the UK and Europe, it is definately a top choice for stag parties all year round.

There are numerous pubs in Brighton; The Bright Helm, Black Horse and Bar 14 are just a small sample of the available beer holes that you may travel through or end up in during your stag party.

Brighton stag parties will be temted by the historic lanes and the legendary kemp town. There are many famous clubs in Brighton that include the world famous Concorde 2 and the three floor Ocean Rooms.

Brighton has tonnes of stag ideas for day and nightime activities for stag parties. Karts, Paintball, Watersports, Archery and Drawing Classes are just some of the examples available in Brigton.

Brighton is one location that can’t be missed on your travels.

Bristol Stag Nights – New Year

New year has come and gone.

But has anyone throught about joining the stag party, the last night of freedom, the last day when you are allowed to have fun….with the new year celebrations?

Well let me tell you, Stag weekends in Bristol are great, the city has tonnes of bars and clubs along a trendy water front high street. Some recommended bars include Panache, Walkabout, Oceana and the BSB Bar.
Combine these trendy bars with a fun packed, dressed up stag party and a new years celebration …..whats the result?…..fireworks.

Bristol Stag Weekends provide some of the best entertainment in the UK.

Blackpool Stag Adventures

stag weekends blackpool pleasure beach

stag weekends blackpool pleasure beach

Blackpool was once a sleepy little town but now it is fast becoming one of the best stag weekends locations to visit in the UK.

For the following reasons, I like to call Blackpool the seaside stag party capital of the North!

There are loads of bars and clubs on offer, the Counting House is one of those top bars offering a vast range of beers and wines to tempt any stag drinker.

Flares and Klub DNA are well recognised and hip clubs in the centre of Blackpool offering dance and 80’s music. You certainly will be lost with excitement in these clubs as music, drink and women are guaranteeing even the most sceptical stag an amazing stag weekend.

Blackpool is famous for its Pleasure Beach and its unique seaside atmosphere. Fast rides, bumper carts, ‘The big one’ and of course Donkeys are all available to those who want to grab the moment. However, we would not recommend riding a Donkey after a night out…it could get messy.

What ever you want from Blackpool…..Blackpool stag weekends will deliver!

Stag Weekends – Newcastle is an outstanding stag do location

Newcastle stag weekends go down in the record books in the fun stakes and when you look at the brilliantly buzzing nightlife and delightful selection of activities to be pick from, it is not hard to see why so many choose Newcastle for their stag night location.

Stag parties in this Geordie filled city offer some of the most action packed in the UK. Newcastle is an extremely welcoming city and one that is ideal for stag groups because all the best bars have the good grace to be in fairly close proximity to one another, which makes it to keep track of the increasingly unaware members of your stag party. Newcastle will ensure that the stag’s last few hours of freedom are fun filled and adrenaline soaked; everything you can ask for from a stag do.

If anyone knows how to have a good night, it’s the Geordies and this is something that can be witnessed firsthand by those who travel to Newcastle for their stag weekend. Newcastle nightlife tends to revolve around the Quayside area of the city which has more than its fair share of watering holes and nightclubs for you to enjoy on your stag weekend. Newcastle has begun to attract legendary status for its nightlife and stag do’s from all over the country flock to this Mecca of stag party activity. A stag do in Newcastle is likely to be epically entertaining from first minute to last and this is something that makes the city one of the top venues for a stag weekend.